Welcome to the portfolio website of Amsterdam based illustrator Hanneke Jongsma.

Currently living and working from her monumental townhouse in Amsterdam, Hanneke has established a professional career and continues to grow with an abundance of loyal clients. Her natural style of playful brush strokes and dazzling colour makes the images come alive. Her technique always begins with a simple pencil outline, which she then brings to life with magical colours using ecolink and whimsical brushstrokes. Her inspiration comes from everything beautiful around her: whether it is nature, beautiful creatures or architecture, fashion or pages in a magazine. With her recognizable personal style, she has gained international attention and built a credible reputation among exclusive boutiques and department stores. Her career took off when Sloane Stationery in London, Hotel du Cap Eden Roc and Chateau Saint Martin in France and Four Seasons in the UK saw her potential. Closer to home she is responsible for many of the illustrations seen in popular magazines, (and lately) an exclusive wallpaper with her signature green plants, leaves and frogs and a bestseller book in The Netherlands “Buskruit met Muisjes”. Her creativity is endless and she is passionate about her work which translates in her illustrations. She is chosen by many fashion and beauty experts for her exclusive drawings for websites and business cards. Scout and Jem jewellery is one of them where she literally translated the entire brand within one simple painting. Furthermore Hanneke is open to more personal work such as designing invitations for parties, events or weddings. She thrives on creativity and is always open and excited for new challenges.


Selected clients